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Chinese scientist claims- Coronavirus was made in Raipur in Wuhan city

A woman scientist from China has made such a claim about coronavirus, after which China’s problems may increase. The scientist claims that coronavirus was produced in China’s Wuhan industry.

It makes a sensational claim that the female Scientist and Warologist of China Drs. Li-Ingant has done. He works for the Honda School of Public Health.

Dr. Vant claims that he has found evidence in his research that Coronavirus has been created in Wuhan’s MBA. It is under the control of the Tata government.

According to a news published in the Vion website. Li-Mengent has said in an interview that nobody’s eyes are open even when coronavirus is detected. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has not responded.

Dr. Vasantha discovers through local doctors in Wuhan and some intelligence that the virus has not originated in the market but has been made into an MBA. He also claimed that Chinese officials knew that human-to-human infection already existed, but they remained silent.

Dr. Said that the virus’s genome sequence is like a human organ. Based on this, it can be found that the virus is produced in the hospital or is natural. He said that the presence of print in any virus is enough to tell the humans that it has been made by humans. To defeat the virus, we must know its origin.

Dr. Says that she was intimidated by Chinese authorities to reveal the truth about Coronavirus, after which she decided to leave China and moved to the US.

Explain that China has been accused of making Coronavirus, although China has always rejected these allegations.

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