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Chris Gayle dance video: Watch, not fours and sixes, Chris Gayle's dance is going viral – watch chris gayle is having fun on sunday his instagram video goes viral

The off-season of cricket continues for star batsman Chris Gayle. But this player, who keeps himself away from boredom, has made a new arrangement for his fun. Watch their new video …

| Updated: 20 Jul 2020, 10:56:17 AM IST

West Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle is adept at making long-term sixes on the field. Apart from this, he is very much in discussion about his fun activities off the field. Gail has uploaded some such fun-filled videos on her social media account.

Dancing fun on the terrace


If Gayle told about this video there is nothing but he is seen dancing alone on a terrace in a hotel. There is also a pool. During this time, Gail is wearing only a short and he also has a red colored glass in his hand.

Watch this video of Chris Gayle

Another cool style from Chris Gayle


Chris Gayle seems to have started a series of fun alone. Chris Gayle was seen celebrating Sunday in this style.

Gayle asked questions to Sunday fans


Earlier on Friday, Chris Gayle posted a video of himself on Instagram asking his fans, 'What do you have planned for me this weekend? Gayle had already told the fans with this video that they only like this kind of mood.

Watch the video – What does Chris Gayle like on the weekend

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