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chris gayle on racism: racism is not just in football, it is also in cricket: Chris Gayle – racism not just in football it is in cricket too says chris gayle

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 01 Jun 2020, 08:55:00 PM IST

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West Indian explosive opening batsman Chris Gayle has expressed his displeasure at the racism still present in the world. Chris Gayle wrote an emotional message against apartheid on Story on his Instagram today. He said that apartheid happens not only in football but also in cricket. They too have faced this on different occasions.

Gail's remarks came at a time when protests are going on in the US under 'Black Life Matter'. In the US, a recent African-American citizen George Floyd died in police custody. A police officer named Derek Chauvin held Floyd's neck with his knee until he died.

Chris Gayle wrote on his Instagram story, 'Like any other, blacks have their lives. Black people mean. P *** K All racist people, stop treating black people as fools, even some of our black people give others a chance to do the same. Stop this process of thinking yourself down! I have traveled around the world and experienced racial comments because I am black, trust me, this list is long. '

The 40-year-old batsman further wrote in his post, 'Racism is not just in football, it is also in cricket. Even blacks have teams. I find the end of this stick. Black and powerful. Black and proud. '

Since the death of the black civilian George Floyd in the US, there is tremendous anger throughout the US and there is a spurt in demonstrations against this murder.

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