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Corona hit beyond 50 lakhs: How many cases increased in the country, see full table

new Delhi: The total cases of corona infection in the country exceeded 5 million. Within the first two months, 40 lakh cases were increased and in just 11 days of crossing the number of 40 lakh, the total number of adapters reached 50 lakh. The number of active cases has reached close to 1 million. So far more than 82 thousand people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus.

The first corona patient in the country appeared on 30 January. In about seven months, the number of corona patients increased from one to 5 million. The Corona figures for the past two months are quite terrible. In the country 1-10 lakh cases reached in 169 days, while 10-20 lakh cases reached in just 19 days, 20-30 lakh cases reached in 19 days, 30-40 lakh cases reached in 13 days and 40-50 lakh cases reached in 11 days. went. went.

First case 30 January
1 Lac 19 May 2020 111 days
2 lakhs 3 June 2020 15 days
3 lakhs 13 June 2020 10 days
4 million 21 June 2020 8 days
5 lakhs 27 June 2020 6 days
10 million 16 July 2020 19 days
2 million 4 August 2020 19 days
30 million 23 August 2020 19 days
40 million 5 September 2020 13 days
50 million 16 September 2020 11 days

The total number of Covid-19cases in India had increased to 50,20,359 while the death toll had reached 82,066. The number of people recovering from this epidemic has also increased to 39,42,360. According to John Eppsons University of America, which has collected Covid-19data from all over the world, India is at the forefront of people recovering from this epidemic, followed by Jess and then America.

According to the data, India ranks second after the US in terms of people affected by the infection, while it is third after the US and Brazil in terms of death toll.

Due to the high number of healthy people in the country, the difference between cured patients and active patients is also increasing. This gap has now crossed 29 lakh. According to the data, 9,95,933 patients are undergoing treatment in the country so far. This is 20.08 percent of the total cases.

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