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Corona virus: Pay online at home and do not forget to do these important tasks

New Delhi. Coronavirus epidemic has affected the country badly, thousands of people are dying every day. Trade has also been deeply affected, people are suffering huge losses financially as well. In such a situation, it is very important for everyone to take precautions to keep their family safe.

In such a situation, as much as physical health matters, it is very important to keep financial safe. This includes insurance policy information, health insurance, etc. Here we are telling you how the family can be financially protected in this difficult time.

Do not use cash as much as possible. This increases circumcision of contamination. You can use internet banking for all banking needs. If you do not need it, do not leave your home because of your safety and when going out of the house, go wearing two masks and gloves. Check whether there is sufficient health insurance cover for you and your family. In such a situation, you can take a top-up if needed.

Retrieve your insurance policy information and insurance helpline number. Also, share these with your family members. Keep the nominee updated on all your financial things. In this, confirm that your wife or husband is aware of all your investments.

Keep enough money for at least 6 months to use in emergency. If you need an emergency fund, you can also apply for overdrafts on FD or salary account, loans on loans or personal funds or personal loans etc.

In times of emergency, keep an Add on Debit card for your family members. Link all your accounts so that the money can be used easily in all accounts when needed. In such a situation, you also need to be very careful, because many frauds can harm you by taking advantage of the epidemic situation.

Do not share your personal or banking information with anyone on calls, emails, unknown links, Google Docs, etc. No one has to give their information even if you claim to be from your bank, RBI, Income Tax Department or Vaccine Center.

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