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Coronavirus: 100-year-old woman in Myanmar gave mother to the Corona, said- World War II time was worse than present.

The 100-year-old woman from Myanmar thinks the time of World War II was worse than the coronavirus epidemic. There is nothing more epidemic of coronavirus than in the Second War. The elderly woman named Thein Khin has given the mother a coronavirus infection.

100-year-old woman beats Coronavirus in Myanmar

The woman was found positive in September in a coronavirus investigation. After the symptom was asymptomatic, he was isolated for two weeks at the Quarantine Center in Yangon. During this time he did not face any major health problems. After leaving the quarantine center, the woman said, “I was told that there was an infection with coronavirus, but I didn’t realize anything. I was eating well, taking a bath by myself and going the usual way.” . I was living. If I had been afflicted with the virus, I would have been bedridden. But I am strong and walking. “

Covid-19was worse than World War II ‘

The 100-year-old woman reported that conditions were much worse during World War II. But the current disease is nothing compared to that. He is concerned about his children and Potts. He said, “There is nothing big for my death because I am old. I have survived many bad and terrible situations before.” The coronavirus infection had spread to several generations of his family. The woman says she is worried about her grandchildren. There are a total of ten members in his family. One of his granddaughters told that 10 members of his family have recovered from the infection. But once again the fear of coronavirus is haunting. So there is no exit.

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