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Coronavirus: 20,482 new cases of infection reported in Maharashtra, 515 deaths

Mumbai: There have been 20,482 new cases of corona virus infection in Maharashtra, after which the number of Cullitans rose to 10,97,856 on Tuesday. The state Health Department said that 515 people died in the last 24 hours and the total death toll was 30,409.

On Tuesday, 19,423 patients have been discharged from the hospital after treatment and now the number of people recovering has increased to 7,75,273. Now, 2,91,797 patients are being treated in the state. There have been 1,586 new cases a day in Mumbai and the number of Culitans has increased to 1,73,596 and the number of dead to 8,230.

There have been 1,889 new cases in Pune and the number of types has gone up to 1,31,983. After the death of 35 more people there, the number of dead exceeded 3,016. There are 54,09,060 investigations so far in the state.

Let us know that the infection of corona which is spreading rapidly across the country has crossed the figure of 49 lakhs. It is expected to cross 50 lakhs this week. So far, 49,30,236 Coronate cases have been reported in the country. Out of which, treatment of 38,59,399 people has been successful so far. At the same time, 80,776 Coronabert died during treatment. Currently 9,90,061 Coronate patients are undergoing treatment.

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