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Coronavirus and Economy slowdown:Sports industry in Meerut facing slowdown due to coronavirus

Sports industry in Meerut facing slowdown due to coronavirus
The players, playing with ready-made bats in Meerut, when the barrage of runs in the cricket field, suddenly attracts everyone’s attention towards the sports industry. But now Corona’s bouncer seems to be injuring the sports industry as well. Export of sports goods has stopped. Playgrounds are empty.

Businessman Rakesh Mahajan says that the corona virus has had the most impact on the sports industry. All types of sports are made in Meerut. Many items related to cricket including bat, ball, pad are prepared here. Mahajan says that Corona has stalled the local market along with exports.

People associated with the sports industry say that as soon as the IPL season starts, crowds of youth, children throng on the playgrounds. This leads to a huge sale of cricket goods in the local market. But due to Corona virus, the IPL has been postponed till 15 April. Along with this, children have also kept distance from playgrounds.

All sports academies have been discontinued. As per the instructions of the district administration, all other academies in the city are closed including Bhamashah Park, Karan Cricket Academy, Gandhibagh, Chhaya Karana Women’s Cricket Academy. At the same time, the Kailash Prakash Stadium administration has currently banned sports that touch each other, such as wrestling, judo, kabaddi and boxing.

Due to the deadly corona virus spreading across the world, the goods already prepared in the industry of Meerut are also not being exported to many countries including South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand. Businessmen say that they do not understand what to do for the goods worth crores of rupees prepared in factories for IPL 2020?

Along with this, the businessmen who make goods of hockey, tennis, athletics, table tennis, gym, bolivol and football etc. are also facing the crisis. Sports businessman Vineet says that players and traders from other cities and abroad also come to Meerut to buy sports goods. But the business has come to a standstill due to their movement being stopped due to Corona virus.

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