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Coronavirus: Can Vitamin D Really Protect Us From Dangerous Split-19 Disease?

What is the role of Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-19? According to a BBC report, scientists are about to conduct a new test for it. He is looking for a volunteer to participate in the trial. After testing, the role of vitamin D can be determined. The trial is scheduled to be conducted by Queen Mary University of London.

In contrast to the process of developing a vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection, the new test will offer an opportunity to look deeper into the immunity system’s health and health improvement. The participants in the trial will be given more salt of vitamin D than regular supplements. According to the report, it will be seen whether there is a clear difference.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for our body and immune system. Now, through testing, it will be understood for the first time properly how it affects our immune system and whether it can strengthen our health condition.

Relationship between Vitamin D and Immune System

Our immune system is the line of reservation. It protects the body from possible diseases and infections. For the purpose of activating the body’s defenses and defenses, nutritional elements, especially vitamin D, are essential first. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin ensures the growth of immunodeficiency immune cells. This means that low levels of vitamin D and lack of vitamin D may pose a greater risk for illness, infection, and respiratory problems.

Is vitamin D really effective against split-19?

There is not yet a standard treatment against dangerous coronaviruses. Only sensual measures like social distancing, facials, clearance and caution are the way to avoid it. Vitamin D supplements or vitamin D deficiency have been investigated in several research on the risk of becoming unstable by coronaviruses.

It is said that vitamin D deficiency occurs in the elderly. Similarly, blacks and Asians or overweight groups are at greater risk of corona infection. However, nothing has been determined yet. But the new tests are a silver lining for many.

“The test may provide a conclusive answer as to whether vitamin D provides protection against split-19,” says lead researcher David Jolliffe. He said that vitamin D supplements are cheaper, less at risk and easily available to people. If proven effective, it would be of great help in the global fight against Coronavirus.

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