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Coronavirus: Divided in the last five days in Delhi, 19 to 30-40 deaths occurred every day, 4 thousand cases were reported daily.

new Delhi: The number of deaths in the national capital, which have been split between 19 to 15 September from 19 to 30, is falling between 30-40, while more than 4,000 new cases are reported daily. This information has been revealed in official figures. In this five-day period, however, a record 60,000 to 62,000 investigations were conducted every day.

According to official data shared by Delhi’s Health Department, the Divided-19 cases have increased significantly since the beginning of this month. On September 16, 4,473 new patients arrived, which is the highest increase in the number of cases in a day. There were 33 deaths that day, while the death toll was 4839.

According to official figures, the number of daily cases and daily deaths reported between 15 and 19 September respectively: as follows: 4263 (36 deaths); 4473 (33); 4432 (38); 4127 (30); And 4071 (38).

On Saturday, 4,071 new cases of Covid-19were reported in Delhi, leading to more than 2.42 lakh people in the metropolis, while the number of dead increased to 4,945.

According to the Bulletin of the Health Department released on Saturday, based on the data of the last 10 days, the rate of dimension of people was 6.57 percent and the death rate was 0.74 percent. According to the bulletin, the recovery rate of patients is more than 84 percent, while the overall case mortality rate is 2.04 percent.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said on Friday, “It is good that the death rate is less than 1 percent, it was higher than 3.5-4 percent a month ago.” Jain claimed, “The situation is fine now.” “Since September 8, the Delhi government has increased the number of investigations significantly. On September 15, the highest number of investigations so far was 62,669.

According to official figures, the number of investigations conducted from 16 to 19 September were 62593, 60014, 61037 and 61973 respectively. The number of under-treated patients has also increased in this period as compared to the data of previous days. The number of patients being treated between 15 and 19 September respectively: 29,787; 30,914; 31,721; 32,250 and 32,064.

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