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Coronavirus: women live after recovery

Coronavirus, like any other disease, affects people differently. There are many factors behind this that decide who is at greater risk of the virus. Age, immunity, chronic disease are all more susceptible to factor virus. Even that gender has been added in this episode.

Koti-19 has more effect on women

According to a new research, women have suffered more from the characteristic symptoms of split-19 after recovering from the disease than men. Unani research has shown that women are complaining of prolonged fatigue after recovering from Covid-19. IT researchers studied 128 corona-positive patients. They tested him at Saint James Hospital in Dublin. Which showed that fatigue is the result of illness.

Research found that more than half of the participants complained of persistent fatigue for about ten weeks after recovering from a corona infection. These complaints were found to be much more common in women than men. This is not the first time such a report has come out. Earlier research conducted after the SARS epidemic revealed that many people had experienced persistent fatigue. He did not have to return for less than a year after his illness. Research published in the BMC Neurology Journal in 2011 reported that two out of three women reported fatigue.

Fatigue after recovery from infection

It is very important for the patient to take care of himself despite being found to be negative after healed from corona infection. Care after treatment with Covid-19is possible to prevent the long-term effects of the disease. Post split-19 Proper methods of care include resting before the daily routine, giving yourself time, warning symptoms, and focusing on health. Contact a doctor immediately if you are experiencing severe symptoms such as difficulty in breathing. Modify the medicine. Being vulnerable to coronavirus does not mean that you are not at risk. Therefore it is important to take precaution. Also pay attention to food items. Include nutritious elements in food.

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