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COVID-19: Royal Challengers Bangalore to wear blue jersey to support frontline workers

New Delhi
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli recently announced that his team will be wearing a blue jersey in the upcoming match. With this jersey, Bangalore team would like to show their support for Kovid frontline workers wearing PPE kits. Royal Challengers Bangalore have also decided to provide financial support to fight this epidemic.

Along with this, Bangalore team Blue Jersey will be signed and auctioned and the money coming from it will be given for healthcare support in the country. Virat Kohli gave information about this in a gay video released on the Twitter handle of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Kohli said, ‘The condition of corona virus in our country is very worrying. As a franchisee, we discussed last week how we can help frontline workers in this difficult time at the ground level. ‘

‘RCB believes that there is an urgent need to help in health services. It includes oxygen support and we would like to provide financial support. RCB will be wearing a special blue jersey to support our frontline workers in the upcoming matches. These people have fought against the epidemic wearing PPE kits for most of the past one year. The Bangalore team will also auction players ‘signed jerseys and the proceeds from this will be given to support health facilities.’

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