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covid-19 vaccine: Russian hackers' hand trying to hack Covid-19 vaccine data – Russian hackers are stealing covid-19 vaccine research data, know details

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Security agencies in the UK, US and Canada have warned and reported that Russian hackers are trying to steal research data associated with the Corona virus vaccine. According to the BBC report, intelligence services have revealed that the actors trying to hack the data are associated with 'Russian Intelligence Services'.

The case related to data hacking comes a few days after a university in Russia completed the trial of the world's first Covid-19 vaccine. Recently on behalf of the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center, Canada's Communications Security Establishment, Amorica's NSA and Cyber ​​Security Infrastructure Security Agency, Russia's hackers are trying to steal data associated with the Corona vaccine.

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Look at the vaccine formula

Security agencies have stated that these hackers are targeting organizations that are working on the Covid-19 vaccine. It has been alleged that with the help of this hacking, an attempt was made to steal the formula of Kovid vaccine. Reports said that hackers were attacked by hackers for stealing information related to the Corona virus vaccine and further intellectual property.

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Russia's group is responsible

Although the name of any hackers group has not been shared by the agencies but it has been revealed that this attack was done by a hacker group named APT29. This group of hackers was trying to access the server of the organizations. Hackers were uploading and downloading the secret information with the help of WellMess and WellMail malware. Russia has flatly rejected any such allegations.

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