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Cricket ground became a wrestling arena, kicked and punched fiercely, players ran and hit each other

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Although cricket is called a gentleman’s game, from time to time the players have not been behind in embarrassing it with their ‘dirty’ antics. A similar incident has come to light from England, whose video is going viral on social media.

A charity match was recently organized at Mote Park Cricket Club in Maidstone. In this match, instead of fours and sixes, there was a lot of rain of kicks and bribes from the players. Seeing the situation deteriorating, eventually the match had to be called off.

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The video which is going viral on social media is of 18th July. It can be clearly seen in the video that the conversation starts with the players on the field. After this suddenly a person comes and attacks the other person with a bat.

After this, this beating between the players took such a terrible form that the players started hitting each other with kicks and bribes on the field itself. Some women can be seen intervening as the matter escalates.

According to media reports, the matter starts with taking a single run. The match was organized to raise funds for the ‘Share for Care’ campaign.

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The organizer told Kent Online, ‘We tried our best for charity but these players spoiled it. We were playing the final match and in the last few overs, some people came on the pitch and attacked the players.

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According to the report, around 7 pm, the police also reached the ground. The police tried to know from the players what was the reason for the quarrel between them. However, no one was arrested or taken into custody.

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