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CSK doctor apology for galwan post: doctor madhu thottappillil tenders unconditional apology for galwan post

| PTI Updated: 18 Jun 2020, 04:10:00 PM IST

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Chennai Super Kings (CSK) suspended doctor Madhu Thottappillil on Thursday apologized unconditionally on his controversial social media post. He made fun of the government after the Indian soldiers martyred in a violent clash with Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh. Thottapillil had made fun of the government by tweeting after reports of Indian soldiers being martyred after a skirmish in the Galvan Valley on Tuesday. He later deleted this tweet.

Supposedly used wrong words

The franchise later suspended him. Thottapillil offered an apology on Twitter on Thursday. The doctor apologized, writing, 'On June 16, I made a tweet and after I realized that the words I used are inappropriate and written inadvertently. I deleted it. But by then screenshots of my tweets had been sent and shared on social media. '

Clarification given on army and government

Thottapillil made it clear that he did not intend to undermine Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts in fighting this crisis. He wrote, 'I did not intend to undermine the efforts of Hon'ble Prime Minister Modi and the Government in taking care of the army and our courageous martyrs and all the citizens of this great country.' Thottapillil said that he can understand that his post has made thousands Have hurt people's feelings. He wrote, 'I am sorry that I hurt and offended the people reading my tweet and apologize wholeheartedly for this.'

Unknowingly and accidentally tweeted

He said, 'I inadvertently and mistakenly tweeted and it has nothing to do with my association with any person or organization' Thottapillil appealed to the people to mistaken their social media posts. Thottapillil remained CSK's team doctor for 10 seasons. CSK captain is Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is on the rank of honorary lieutenant in the Territorial Army. CSK announced the suspension of Thotapillil on Wednesday on its official Twitter page.

Former BCCI President N. India Cements is the owner of Srinivasan's team. In the clash that took place on Monday night, 20 military personnel including the colonel were killed. This is the biggest clash between the armies of the two countries after the 1967 confrontation at Nathula. At that time, about 80 soldiers of India were martyred while more than three hundred soldiers of the Chinese army were killed.

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