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Cyber ​​attacks in India: China may attack after cyber attack, alert issued – cyber attacks from China may increase after 59 Chinese apps ban in India, agencies on alert

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Anandita Singh Mankotia and Devina Sengupta, New Delhi

Recently 59 Chinese apps have been banned by the government and since then there is a possibility of cyber attack from China. In view of this, monitoring has been intensified by the Intelligence Agency in addition to alerts across the country. Cyber ​​security experts believe that banning apps is only a beginning and this could provoke China to try to harm Indian cyberspace in return.

The senior government official said that better monitoring is being done in almost all sectors. Apart from this, they have also been put on alert due to the power, telecom and financial services sectors associated with Chinese infrastructure. The official said, “For many years we had allowed China to invest in critical infrastructure, so China has access to those networks. These include Communications, Power as well as Financial Sector.

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Government is monitoring

China has been asked to remain alert about remote locations where China can cyber attack on these networks. According to cybersecurity experts, the government will focus on companies that have funding from Chinese investors and will be monitored and monitored at different levels. Apart from this, surveillance devices made in China used in government and private sector are also on radar.

Attack on cyberspace

PwC India leader Cybersecurity Siddharth Vishwanath said, “In the current economic situation, no one is ready for war on the border, so there can be an attempt to harm cyber space, trade and supply chain.” Companies receiving funding from China and especially tech firms are now being monitored as they can be easily targeted. In the past, Warnings related to Chinese hackers have been given by the government.

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It is important to stay alert

There have been attacks from China for data mining even before, and last year there was a case of theft of medical data of millions of Indians. Kazim Rizvi, director of The Dialogue, said that the decision to ban apps has also been taken by the government in view of protecting the data of the users. To avoid any pressure from China, there is a need to work by making a strategy and stay alert about such attacks.

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