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Data hacking: Instantly change Facebook password, these 25 apps are a big risk – these dangerous 25 apps are stealing your facebook password


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Virus apps have become a big problem for smartphone users. At the same time, if you are a Facebook user and run Facebook from phone, now you need to be alerted immediately. Researchers have identified 25 dangerous Android apps on the Google Play Store that are accessing data by stealing a user's Facebook password. It is also a matter of concern that these apps have been downloaded more than 2.3 million times worldwide.

Keep an eye on the account

Cyber ​​Security Experts reported that these Malaysian apps present themselves as apps such as step counters, wallpapers or mobile games. Hackers sitting in remote locations under the cover of these apps keep a close watch on their victim's phone and Facebook account in any corner of the world.



Google removed apps from Play Store

In a report by ZDNet this week, the cyber security experts of French tech firm Evina gave information about these 25 fake apps. Experts said that all these apps are hurting users' data by claiming that they are real apps. After Avina's alert, Google has immediately removed these apps from the Play Store, taking immediate action.

Replace from fake login page

Cyber ​​Security Experts said that through these apps, hackers are stealing users' Facebook username and password. After downloading this app, the original Facebook app is replaced by fake login page. Users unaware of this forgery happening with them, enter their Facebook login details here without thinking anything.

Game is big money

It is not yet known what the hackers do with the stolen username and password. However, based on similar hacking earlier, it can be said that hackers make huge money by selling these login details of the user to other cybercriminalis on the dark web.

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