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Delivery had to be done, delivery boy ran away with iPhone 12 Pro Max out of the way

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The most powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max launched by California’s premium tech brand Apple has arrived in the market so far. The sale of this device has started and despite the heavy price tag, it is in great demand. Apple’s iPhones are expensive, it is not hidden from anyone, and perhaps that’s why the delivery boy carrying the iPhone 12 Pro Max delivered all the units he ran himself.

Tang, who works at a shipment company in China, had to bring 14 new iPhone 12 Pro Max units from Apple’s Authorized Store to another Apple Store. Tang decided to run away with all the devices by himself and later canceled the order. The order was placed on November 14 and Tang collected it from the Guiyang Apple Store. While carrying the order to another store, Tang disappeared all the phones and ran away.

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Sell ​​3 iPhones at a low price
Tang was apprehended when Apple employees got the idea. He got 10 closed iPhone 12 Pro Max boxes from him and he opened the remaining four devices. After opening a device for its personal use, the delivery boy sold the remaining three iPhone 12 Pro Max at a much lower price. However, the police later also recovered the remaining four devices.

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Keep these things in mind
Anytime an order from the delivery boy is said to be canceled, check the status of the order in your account. If the delivery boy is confusing you, call the customer care of the shopping site and clear the things. If the packaging of the product is not right, then you can refuse to receive it. Apart from this, you can also demand open-box-delivery of expensive products. In addition to unboxing the delivery of expensive products in front of the delivery boy, you can also record his video.

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