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Desi short video app Rizzle – short video app rizzle launches program to bring limelight the real talent

new Delhi.

Things have changed a lot after the video platform has been banned for millions of TicketTalk users in the country. Many apps in the country are now competing to become a popular short video platform. One such indigenous video app, Rizzle, has launched the Million Star Rizal program, a special program for users, under which users will be taught to become popular.
Rizal is a short video app based on ideas, talk shows, skits, vlogs and other types of content. It was launched in June 2019. Rizal's features like Bee Roll Videos, Image Inserts, Sound Effects and Colabs etc. help in creating professional level talk show content. It offers some new ways of content in the world of short videos, aside from the abundance of kringe songs and dance.

Rizal has been encouraging many creators to create vlogs, talk shows, mini series, cooking shows etc. This platform gives creators an opportunity to earn sponsorship based. Creators can get sponsorship from fans by creating content continuously in this platform.

What is Million Star Rizal Program

With the Million Star Rizal program, Rizal will inspire millions of creators in India to become superstars in the next 6 to 12 months. Users can apply through email or app. The selected creators will get support from expert creators to start their own channel. They will be part of a special group of creators who will be advised about the channel theme, channel reviews and feedback, webinars and Q&A about the app's features, the chance to host the show and the opportunity to feature their channel in the platform .

Rizal will provide financial assistance to the first 1000 qualified creators with the help of sponsorship coupons. By using these coupons, fans will be able to sponsor the channel on Rizal. This will give them an opportunity to earn as soon as possible through their channel in Rizal. The number of coupons will be based on the number of followers of the creators before the ticket is banned. Indian creators with more than 50 thousand Tittock followers will be eligible for this.

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