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Did Mahendra Singh Dhoni put pressure on umpire, fans were angry

Chennai Super Kings defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by 20 runs on Tuesday. In the final moments of this match there was a dispute over a decision by Umpire Paul Rifle. The umpire did not give the ball wide even though it was clear that the ball was out of line. It was the 19th over of the Sunrisers’ innings at the Dubai International Stadium. The match was in balance. Hyderabad team scored 19 runs in the 18th over. Now he needed 27 runs in two overs to win. On the first ball of the 19th over, Rashid Khan scored two runs and the next ball of Shardul Thakur went wide. The next ball also looked wide. Umpire Paul Rifle also started the gesture but did not give it wide at the end. It was only when the umpire started pointing to a wide agreement that Dhoni started protesting from behind the wicket. Only then did the rifle change its decision. Sunrisers captain David Warner looked quite surprised by the dug out. He believed it was wide and the umpire should not have changed his decision. However, Chennai won the match easily by a margin of 20 runs. Chennai scored 167 runs batting first, in which Hyderabad team could score 147 runs. Kane Williamson made a half century although he did not get the other end. Dhoni and Chennai team may have been happy that the ball was not given wide but people were very angry on Twitter. Fans said that Dhoni pressurized the umpire.

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