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Do not get caught in the net of online shopping, thus find the product is real or fake

New Delhi. Corona outbreak has started increasing once again in India. People are forced to stay home again. In such a situation, they are dependent on online shopping. Most people are shopping online due to the increasing outbreak of Corona virus. At the same time, companies like Amazon and Flipkart are providing attractive deals to people on every category.

While companies are providing great deals to the people, people are also falling prey to the fraud of fake products. According to many reports, fake products are being sold on a large scale. In such a situation, it has become extremely important for people to be vigilant. Now the question arises that after all how the user can identify any product whether he is buying the real product or fake. If you are not aware of this too, then we have brought this article for you. We are giving you some tips here by which you will be able to know whether the product you are buying is real or fake.

The app will help: With the help of food regulator FSSAI’s Smart Consumer app, the product can be detected as genuine – fake. In this app, the product’s QR number will have to be entered and then all the information of the product will be made available to you. Apart from this, every company, whether electronic or FMCG, uses a QR code and hologram to protect against counterfeit products. This allows the product to be identified.

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Manufacturing & Branding: Any product can also be identified by its logo and spelling. No matter how much someone tries to make the logo and spelling the same, something is different. Such logos are somewhat different from brand logos. Not only this, the wrong place of spelling in the brand name is also done in fake product. In such a situation, whenever you buy a fake product, pay attention to its logo and spelling.

Consider more discounted products: If more discount is being given on a product, then before purchasing it, check its physical address, email, phone number and contact details whether they have been given information or not. One more thing to keep in mind that when shopping online, do not get lured by high discounts. Explain that 70 to 80 percent discount is not given on MRP of any branded item, luxury product. If this is the case then this product is fake.

Please pay attention to the product’s website: Creating a fake website is not a difficult task. Many times people get caught in the messaging of huge discount messages on Flipkart or Amazon from WhatsApp or any other messaging app. A link to the website is also given here. This link shows the website to be genuine or fake. If the website is fake, then the product will also be fake. In this case, pay special attention to the URL as well. If there is a real website, it will start with https. If not, it starts with http.

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Pay attention to customer review: Whenever you buy a product, read its customer review. Also check its rating. This gives information about the trader.

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