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Do you know? When was the brain of a human being, half the size of today’s humans


  • Human brain structure evolved from 15 to 17 million years ago
  • Ancestor emerged about 2.5 million years ago
  • His mind was half the size of today’s humans

The modern human brain structure developed in the African Homo population between 15 and 17 million years ago. These people had already started walking on their feet and even started going out of Africa. This claim has been made in a recent study. Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have said that ancestors before the genus Homo emerged in Africa about 2.5 million years ago. Then they used to go straight too. But his mind was the same as that of primitive apes. Then his brain was half the size of today’s humans.

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The researcher team explained that apart from size, there were many other things that were different from the modern human brain such as their location and organization of individual brain regions. Mariya Ponce de Leon from the University’s Department of Anthropology said that specific areas of the human brain are those that help to plan and implement complex patterns of thought and action. The same is important for language. He said that since these areas are much larger in the human brain, the adjacent brain regions have moved beyond their place or in easy language these areas have moved from their place.

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The researcher team has examined the skulls of Homo fossils living in Africa, Georgia and Java between 10 and 20 million years ago. Researchers have used tomography to calculate them. He then compared fossil data to reference data of apes and humans. In it, he found that the first Homo population outside of Africa, which is now Georgia, had Dimaga as one of their African relatives. Their minds were not particularly large or modern until about 17 million years ago.
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Despite this, these people were fully capable of making many types of equipment. These were compatible with the new environmental conditions of Eurasia. Not only this, these animals could also develop food sources. They also used to help other members of their group. Anthropologist De Leon stated that the earliest form of human language was likely to have developed during this period.

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