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Director Gaganpuri as ‘Doordarshan’ chose a fun subject like Comedy to portray the fabric of modern relationships, but he could not retain the fun due to the weak screenplay and story. If he wanted, he could play with this subject very beautifully.

story: There is an uproar in the house when the grandmother (Dolly Ahluwalia), who has been in a coma for 30 years, wakes up one day after hearing the name of Vimla, the pornography heroine of grandson (Sharad). His son Sunil (Manu Rishi Chadha) and his wife Priya () create an atmosphere of the 90s around them, fearing that there will be no shock after knowing about being in a coma for so many years. Interestingly, Sunil and Priya’s marriage is on the verge of divorce. The teenager lives with son and daughter Sunil, but they also forget their differences and get engaged in the service of grandmother. The grandmother, who spends most of her time in her room, talks about installing her old television. Grandma asks to go to Chitrahar one by one to watch other programs. Due to this, everyone together shoot for grandma and prepare programs of that era. Not only TV, but also the family members have to mold themselves according to the era of 30 years ago. The grandchildren have to hire Sunil and Priya as school going students.

Review: The characters in the story of director Gaganpuri are interesting, but they do not get the detail in the story. The director could have portrayed the atmosphere of the 90s in a more comical manner if he wished. Sunil and Priya are not digested by presenting them to school-going students in front of a sharp-minded woman like Dadi. Climax was dealt in a hurry, yet there are many scenes in the film that bring a smile to the face. There are also some emotional scenes that touch the heart.

Manu Rishi Chadha as son Sunil has done a great job. As a son ready to do anything for his mother, he has started converting. Doli Ahluwalia has been very charming as a grandmother. Mahi has played his role well enough. Archita Sharma plays the role of Sharad Rana and granddaughter as grandchildren. Rajesh Sharma, Supriya Shukla and Mehak Manwani have been average.

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