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e-sim service scam: 21 lakh rupees lost in e-sim fraud, you can be the next victim – scammers are using e-sim activation for online fraud, four men lose 21 lakh rupees in hyderabad

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Many telecom operators in India are offering e-SIM service and with the help of this service, users can avail the services of the company without installing a SIM card in the phone. That is, calling, data and messaging can be done as before without a SIM card. However, fraud has also started in the name of this e-SIM service and Rs. 21 lakhs of four people were looted in the name of e-SIM activation in Hyderabad.

Scammers trying out new methods first send a simple message that the SIM card is being blocked in the next 24 hours due to no KYC update or complete documents, and then entice users. After the message, the scammer makes a customer care call and gives an option to complete KYC or other required documents on the phone itself, so that the SIM card is not blocked.

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Get fake form

Users are sent a message and are asked to click on the link and fill the information asked in the form. During this time the scammers register their email ID with Victim's mobile number and ask the user to send e-SIM request to the company. This request goes with the help of registered email ID, which is of scammers. After the e-SIM service is activated, the generated QR code reaches the email of the fraudster.

Scammers get OTP

After scanning the QR code, the user's number is activated on the scammer's phone and the user's SIM card stops working. The fraudster has already taken the banking details of the user in the form, thus it becomes easy to fraud. With the help of backing details, the process of transferring money starts and the OTPs also come on the handset of the scammer, which has e-SIM active. In this way the bank account of Victim becomes empty.

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Keep these things in mind

It is very important that the method of scam is understood, so that it can be avoided. If you get a message about the SIM being blocked in any way, do not trust it and if necessary call Customer Care itself on the official number. Apart from this, there is no process related to KYC on the phone, avoid doing so. Also in any case, do not share your banking details with anyone. No telecom company demands such data on calls from the user.

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