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English Premier League: The longest season of English Premier League ends after 352 days – the end of the longest season of the English premier league after 352 days

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When the longest season of the English Premier League (EPL) ended 352 days after the start, many people breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, Dean Smith is sad that his father died during this time. Aston Villa's team managed to survive the relegation on the final day of the epidemic-affected season, but Smith, the team's manager, also suffered grief as his father is not alive to share the feat.

Ron Smith is on the list of 45752 people who lost their lives in the UK with the Corona virus. He died at the age of 79 when the League was suspended due to this epidemic. Smith said after a 1–1 draw against West Ham on Sunday, “It's emotional. I am sure they will be watching us from heaven. '

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Villa's team managed to avoid relegation by one point, scoring points against West Ham. The teams of Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich lost to the lower league. Villa were two points above threat from relegation when the league was suspended in the second week of March after Corona virus infection cases at Arsenal and Chelsea were revealed and the team once again made good use of the break. Be sure to play in

The deadly corona virus caused the league to be suspended for 100 days and there was uncertainty as to whether the league would be able to resume. Safety was a priority, but there was also a fear of how the 380 would compensate for losses in the event of not being complete.

However, when the league resumed, however, only 300 people were allowed to enter the stadium, and Liverpool celebrated 30 years after becoming England champions at the empty stadium in Anfield.

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