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Enjoy mobile, DTH and broadband in a single plan, price starts at 899 – postpaid mobile, dth and broadband connection all under one airtel offer

Airtel one plan

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These days, mobile, DTH and broadband service have gone door to door. In such a situation, users have to recharge all of them separately. But one of the major telecom company Airtel (One Airtel) is such, where you get the facility of postpaid mobile connection, DTH connection, broadband + landline connection simultaneously. Here we are telling you about four such plans, whose price starts from Rs 899.

One Airtel 899 Plan

This is the cheapest One Airtel plan. In this, you get two service facilities (Mobile connection for 2 people and DTH service). In postpaid service, both users get 75 GB data separately every month. The calling is unlimited. At the same time, Airtel Xstream box is available for TV channels and OTT apps priced at Rs 350 in DTH service.

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One Airtel 1,349 plan

Two services (postpaid connection and DTH service) are also available in this plan. In postpaid service, both users get 150-150 GB of data every month. Calling is unlimited. At the same time, Airtel Xstream box is available for TV channels priced at Rs 350 and OTT content in DTH service.

One Airtel 1,499 Plan

In the plan of 1499, customers get mobile postpaid service and Fiber + landline connection. It does not have the facility of DTH. Unlimited calling and 75GB monthly data is available for postpaid connection (maximum 2 people). At the same time, 300 GB data is available every month with a speed of 200Mbps in Fiber + landline connection.

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One Airtel 1,999 Plan

You get all the facilities in this plan. The 1999 plan offers postpaid mobile connection (maximum 3 connections), DTH service, and Fiber + landline connection. With unlimited calling in postpaid connection, every user gets 75 GB of monthly data. The DTH service offers an Airtel Xstream box for TV channels priced at Rs 424 and OTT content. Apart from this, Fiber + Landline service provides 300 GB of data every month with a speed of 200Mbps.

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