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EXCLUSIVE: ‘It was very difficult to portray Nirbhaya case on screen’, Mukesh Chhabra, casting director of ‘Delhi Crime’

Kolkata: The web series “Delhi Crime” based on the Delhi Nirbhaya case has recently been awarded the prestigious International Emmy Award, making it the first Indian web series to win the laurel. Mukesh Chhabra, the casting director of “Delhi Crime” is happy to win this international acclaim. In an exclusive telephonic chat with ABP LIVE, the director of “Dil Bechera” opened up about the struggle that he had faced for portraying such a sensitive issue on screen and this Emmy Award was shared by him and the team. Is so important.

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“The Nirbhaya case was a super sensitive issue. After the incident, there was a disturbance in the whole country. People have not seen such cruelty in recent times. So it was very difficult for us to portray the entire episode on screen, ”Mukesh said in an exclusive telephone conversation with ABP Live. He said, “It was really challenging to reconstruct the whole event. And if you think about the mental aspect, it was very disturbing. People do not want to repeat this fact. We have to feel the spirit of the suffering family. Talking to him about the incident was very disturbing. I would say that it was the most challenging job of my career so far. “

Was there any fear of being criticized, provided that a slight reversal of reality could lead to collective anger? “We always remembered how sensitive the issue was. Director Richie Mehta wrote the screenplay in such a way that ensured that the entire incident was not distorted. We did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It was not easy to photograph the entire event with all due respect to everyone concerned. But we did it successfully and the credit should go to the director, ”Mukesh said.

“Delhi Crime” was released in 2019. The miscreants of the Nirbhaya case received severe punishment, 4 convicts were hanged. But nonetheless, frequent cases of rape make news headlines. Mukesh still hopes that the scenario will change. The women of our country will feel safe. “Be it cinema or web series, everywhere we can see the reflection of contemporary society. In our film we raised an issue and gave a message for everyone. Complete change is not possible in a day or two. But the positive side is that things are slowly improving. And audio visual media is playing an important role behind it, ”said Mukesh. He added, “I am very happy because Delhi Crime has received this prestigious Emmy Award. I received a lot of phone calls throughout the day, congratulating me on this appreciation. I also received many job offers. Everyone’s dream Sees his work gain international acclaim. “

Mukesh was the casting director for films of various genres, so it is called a masala film like Chennai Express or a cinema based on true facts like Dangal. He shares about his approach while casting for the web series. Mukesh said, “I had to study a lot, go through thorough research work, keep in mind the thought process of the victim family, the mindset of the investigating officer. We analyzed the actions of several actors before taking the final call Done. Perfection in casting is essential to attract the interest of the common people. “

Mukesh directed Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film “Dil Bechera”. He was very close to the deceased actor. “Every day I miss Sushant, remember him badly. My first job as a director was with him. I involve myself in work throughout the day so that I do not get morale. Whenever I surf on social media, I see pictures of Sushant, his songs, news … It was a shock to us. “Sushant’s death was a huge loss for the industry,” he said. In 2020, we also lost Rishi Sir (Kapoor), Irrfan Bhai (Khan), Asif (Basra). All these are major losses for the film industry. “

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Mukesh played some small but important roles in films like Rang De Basanti, Kamini, Chillar Party etc. So when are we going to see actor Mukesh Chhabra again? “Acting is my passion. But I do not want to take it as a profession. I have been focusing on the direction so far. But if I want to play a lively character, I will definitely play it, ”Mukesh made a positive comment.

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