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Facebook brought amazing AI-based tool, instant translation in more than 100 languages

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A special machine learning software has been prepared by the social networking site Facebook to make it a language barrier while connecting the whole world. Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine learning software can translate into more than 100 languages. Without the help of English, this tool directly translates one language into another language and if the company believes it is the first system of its kind.

From Facebook, open-source artificial intelligence software is designed to give better experience to users on large social networks. Crores of users around the world write and share content on this platform in more than 100 languages. Facebook has designed this software to share better content in 160 languages ​​on its platform. Research Assistant Angela Fan said, “This is a major achievement in the last several years of Facebook AI in terms of machine translation.”

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This is how it works
Fan said that the new model is far superior to the rest of the existing systems as it does not rely on English. Fan wrote in his blogpost, “While translating, most English centric multilingual models translate from one language to English and then from English to third language because English training data is far more easily available.” He told that the Facebook model does not understand the help of English because it understands better meaning and translates correctly.

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20 billion translations daily

Facebook says that on an average 20 billion translations are made daily in the news feed on the platform and with the help of the new system they will be able to give better results. Fan said, “With the help of machine translation we are ending the language barrier and it is a better and most important way of connecting people and getting closer. For example, this way people from all over the world can be taught from information related to Covid-19to avoid harmful content.

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