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Facebook Messenger app painted in the color of Instagram, these new features come

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The Facebook Messenger app is now colored in Instagram. The color of the logo of the Messenger app has now changed to Instagram, as well as many new features have been added to it. The messenger logo, once seen in blue, has also become a lighter purple, indicating the merger of the messenger and Instagram. Along with changing the design, Messenger has also introduced new chat themes, selfie stickers and Venetian mode.

Messenger app new chat themes and features
New chat themes like Love and Tie Die have come to the Messenger app. Apart from this, users are going to get custom reaction, selfie stickers and vanish mode. The vanish mode would be to make the chat disappear. The default chat color of the messenger will also change like the logo. All these new features are reaching users one by one.

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Messenger and Instagram merge
These are part of the merger with the new feature Instagram that Messenger gets. Not only the messenger, Instagram has also got new features due to the merger. Instagram features Messenger features like Watch Together, Chat Colors, Forwarding, Replace and Animated Message Effects.

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Actually, Facebook is working on enabling communication between its two chatting apps. Instagram’s DM icon has been replaced with a messenger icon. The merger is currently being tested and started from the US.

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