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Faf du Plessis supported Black Life Matters


Former South African captain and star batsman Faf Duplessis expressed his support against racism on Friday, saying that no one's life matters as long as the lives of blacks matter.

The 'Black Lives Matter' (black lives matter) movement is going on around the world after the death of African-origin George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman in America. Before the first match of the Test series between England and West Indies, players of both the teams openly supported it. Duplessis said that the time had come to fight racism.

The 36-year-old cricketer wrote on his Instagram post, “In the last two months I have come to realize that we have to decide who to fight. We are surrounded by many kinds of injustice in our country which needs immediate attention and rectification. '

He said, 'I believe that South Africa is still divided because of racism and it is my responsibility to be a part of its solution.'

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In the last couple of months I have realized that we must choose our battles. We are surrounded by many in our country that require urgent attention and action to fix them. If we wait only for the ones that attack us personally, we will always live for “my way vs your way” and that way leads us nowhere. So done remained silent, with the intent to listen, but not respond. Slowing down my point of view, but quicker to hear the pain of someone else. I knew that words would be lacking and that my understanding is not close to where it needs to be. I surrender my opinions and take the knee as an intercessor. I acknowledge that South Africa is still hugely divided by racism and it is my personal responsibility to do my best to emphasize, hear the stories, learn and then be part of the solution with my thoughts, words and actions I have got it wrong before. Good intentions were failed by a lack of perspective when I said on a platform that – I did see color. In my ignorance I silenced the struggles of others by placing my own view on it. A race problem is a human race problem, if one part of the body hurts, we all stop, we empathize, we get perspective, we learn and then we tend to the hurting part of the body. So I am saying that all lives are matter UNTIL black lives matter. Going speaking up now, because if I wait to be perfect, I will never. I want to leave a legacy of empathy. The work needs to continue for the change to come and whether we agree or disagree, conversation is the vehicle for change.

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This is in contrast to Duplessis's earlier attitude when he refused to talk about racism. On the removal of Temba Bavuma from the team earlier this year, he said, 'We do not choose by looking at the colors'.

He said, “That's why I would say that no one's life matters as long as the lives of blacks matter.” I am talking now because if I wait for a reasonable time it will never come. It is necessary to continue working for change and we agree or disagree, the conversation is the driver of change. '

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