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Fake Message! Adidas is giving free shoes … ignore this fake message of WhatsApp


  • Adidas’s fake message being forwarded on WhatsApp
  • Greed for free shoes is being given in the message
  • Do not click on the link given in the message

Womens day Fake Message On WhatsApp: International Women’s Day is on its way. Where women are respected and thanked on this day. At the same time, women are being duped on WhatsApp. A message is being circulated on WhatsApp claiming that free shoes are being given on Women’s Day and that too from a well-known brand. If you have also received such a message, then we advise you to ignore it as it is a fake message. Through it, your money can be stolen or your personal information can be hacked.
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Know what is the matter:

This is not the first time that such a message is being circulated on WhatsApp. Thousands of similar messages are forwarded daily on WhatsApp and some people even believe them and then fall prey to fraud. Talking about the latest case, the WhatsApp message is being sent in which it is claimed that Adidas is offering free shoes on Women’s Day. There is also a link in it which is something like this- https://v-app.buzz/adidass/tb.php?_t=161492973315:35:33 ”. Users are advised to ignore this message as it has been given to mislead you and steal your information.

Let us tell you that Adidas is not offering any such offer to users. If the company offered such an offer to users, it would update it on its official website as well. Also, the company has not given any information on the official social media handles. At the same time, the URL given in the message we found suspicious. If you look at this URL, it is v-app.buzz/adidass. Adidas’ spelling is wrong in this. Its correct spelling is Adidas while it has Adidass. In such a situation, it is worrying. Because this URL is incorrect. The URL of the company’s website is https://shop.adidas.co.in/. Also, the logo given in this message is not from Adidas, so this is another reason why you cannot trust this link.
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There is no content available on this suspicious website, only photos. The last page states that this page © ️ 2021 adidas America Inc. Developed by At the same time, on the official website © ️2020 shop.adidas.co.in. Is written

Ways to stay safe on WhatsApp:

Do not click on any kind of suspicious link.

Do not click on any kind of free gifts message.

Check the URL carefully before clicking on it.

Many messages have spelling errors that need to be seen.

Be sure to check the language of the message.

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