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Fake Message Alert! Taj Hotel giving 7-day free stay on Valentine’s Day, know the truth behind this message


  • Experience gift card from Taj Hotel on the occasion of Valentine’s Day
  • According to WhatsApp, these messages can come via WhatsApp or email
  • You need to be cautious with this message

There does not seem to be any significant reduction in the number of fake news on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. There are many users even today who promote by forwarding the wrong news. A similar case has emerged. A fake news is being rapidly shared that Taj Hotel has claimed to have Experience Gift Card on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. If you too have come under the pretense of this message, then let us tell you that you need to be cautious with this message. This message is a scam.

Taj Hotel has alerted users by tweeting about this message. They have said not to trust such WhatsApp messages. In it, it has been said that Taj Hotel will give a gift experience card on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which is completely wrong. No such offers have been announced by the hotel.

According to the report, the free gift card that has been asked to be given on WhatsApp message says that Taj Hotel is offering free stay for seven days. A link is also provided with this message. This link is affected by malware. If users click on this link, then their information can be stolen.
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However, if seen, WhatsApp is aware of the incidents of spreading fake news on its platform and constantly forbids users to forward these messages. According to WhatsApp, these messages can come via WhatsApp or email. WhatsApp has written on its FAQ page that unauthorized third parties receive many unauthorized messages related to spam or fraud. In such a situation, it is better to ignore such messages.
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To identify fake messages, WhatsApp has also given four clues which are as follows-

1. The sender of the message claims to be related to WhatsApp.
2. It is said to forward it in such messages.
3. In the message, it is said that if the message is not forwarded, the user’s account may be suspended.
4. It is given in the message that the user will be given some gift.

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