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FAU-G’s ratings fall, players not happy with graphics, weapons


  • The game was launched when it had a rating of 4.5.
  • FAU-G game ratings dropped from 4.5 on the Google Play Store to 3

The FAU-G or Fearless and United-Guards mobile game is a recently launched cow in the Indian market. The game was launched by Bengaluru-based game developer nCore Games. This game gives a tough competition to PUBG and it has also given many great features, which are also very liked by the players.

On January 26, the game was listed on the Google Play Store. In the FAU-G game, players are being given a chance to fight against the enemies in the Ladak region like the Indian Army soldiers.

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Its rating was 4.5 when the game was launched. But in just a few days the rating of this game has seen a lot of decline. Let us know how much the FAU-G game has a rating on the Google Play Store now.

The FAU-G game’s rating has dropped from 4.5 on the Google Play Store to 3. This is an average rating. But with each passing day, the game’s ratings keep dropping. Talking about the reviews, many players have given the FAU-G game a positive rating here. There have been many compliments about the game’s features. At the same time, visuals have also been described as brilliant.

But on the other hand many people are not happy with this game. Many players have described the FAU-G game as disappointing. Now it remains to be seen whether this game will be able to get the top rating again. The number of downloads of this game has crossed 5 lakhs.

Let us tell you that PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Because of this, the players were very excited about the FAU-G game. Players were hoping that the game would either be better than or equal to PUBG Mobile. But players are missing many services including the game Battle Royal Game Mode in PUBG.

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Many players who have played the FAU-G game have expressed their displeasure over the graphics used in this game. He has written in his feedback that the graphics given in the game are not able to compete with PUBG.

The low quality of the graphics has been used in it. The movement of the game has also been described as unnatural. FAU-G has limited weapons provided. Users have also described this as disappointing. Many users say that in the FAU-G game, only hands have to fight. Users need weapons in the game.

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Learn about FAU-G game:

The main focus of the FAU-G game is on liner missions and episodes. This will work to advance the story. Many multiplayer modes have been provided in it. The first episode of FAU-G is based on Galvan Valley in Ladak.

In this, Indian soldiers have to fight the enemy army in the valley. It includes a special unit that patrols the dangerous border area. Enemies have to be defeated face to face.

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