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For the first time in the world, more than 4 lakh corona cases came in a day, so far 2.96 million patients have been cured

Coronavirus: The coronavirus wave is once again in play. The number of coronatans is increasing at record levels every day. For the first time in the world, more than four lakh corona cases have increased in a single day. A record 4.12 lakh corona cases came in 24 hours. The day before this, the maximum number of cases was 3.97 lakh. The death toll from this dangerous disease has also increased. Last day 6,185 people died.

According to the Worldometer, now 3 crore 95 lakh 65 thousand people have become coronable. Out of this, 11 lakh 8 thousand 617 people have lost their lives, while 2 crore 96 lakh 48 thousand patients have been cured. There are only more than 88 lakh active cases in the whole world, that is how many people are currently being treated in the hospital.

Top 10 List of Different Countries
America is at the top of the list of the countries most affected by the Corona epidemic, and the cases are also increasing at the fastest pace. So far, 82 lakh 88 thousand people have been infected. In the last 24 hours more than 71 thousand new cases were received in America. After this, India’s number comes. More than 74 lakh people in India have corona capabilities, 65 thousand cases have increased in the last 24 hours. At the same time, Jessica, the third most affected country in Corona, received just 30,000 cases in 24 hours.

  • America: Case- 8,288,278, Death- 223,644
  • India: Case- 7,430,635, Death- 113,032
  • Brazil: Case- 5,201,570, Death- 153,229
  • Russia: Case – 1,369,313, Death – 23,723
  • Spain: Case- 982,723, Death- 33,775
  • Argentina: Case- 965,609, Death- 25,723
  • Colombia: Case- 945,354, Death- 28,616
  • Peru: Case- 862,417, Death- 33,648
  • Mexico: Case- 834,910, Death- 85,285
  • France: Case- 834,770, Death- 33,303

More than 5 lakh corona cases in 13 countries
In 13 countries of the world, the number of coronatides has reached beyond 5 lakhs. These include South Africa, the UK and Iran. The lives of 60 per person in the world have been lost in only six countries. These countries are America, Jason, India, Mexico, Britain, Italy. More than 85 thousand happy deaths have occurred in four countries of the world (America, Jason, India, Mexico). Nearly 6 lakh people have died in these four countries, this number is 40 per total of deaths in the world.

India ranks second in terms of highest number of warnings in the world. It is the third highest number of deaths. Also, India is the second country with the most active cases.

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