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#FridayFare- OTT Round – The Week of: It has ‘scammed’ Harshad Mehta, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy

By Joginder Tuteja

For those who love to capture real-life stories, this was a week. Especially those possibly spreading in the gray zone. Those called ‘white-collar criminals’, but they were actually ‘India’s most wanted’, as they were. Were they heroes? Were they villains? Were in-between? Or were they someone else?

The world of OTT is really bringing some fascinating stories to the screen and the two such offerings in the week were Scam 1992 and Bad Boy Billion. Thank goodness for the digital medium because if not for them, either of these stories would have been lost to oblivion, as the docudrama would have been presented on some obscure channel or in a two-hour-long film, which is not really in the kind of detail as That I see here.

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But first of all, let me talk about the 1992 scam. This is, by all means, one of the best offers on OTT this year, and stands shoulder to shoulder with her two other best web series of 2020, Special Ops. [Disney + Hotstar] And blind [Sony LIV]. Both of these, being thrillers, have been my personal favorites of the 2020s and have actually received some brown eyeballs by the audience. Now Scam 1992, yet another gem on Sony Liv from Bravo Entertainment after Undertake, has set huge standards of real-life storytelling.

Harshad has been recounting Mehta’s story from the time he was sharing a one-room square with his parents, wife and brother, owning a stately penthouse overlooking the sea with a private swimming pool. For no less, Scam 1992 is truly heroic. . Based on the well-written work of journalist Sucheta Dalal of Times of India and her then boyfriend (and now husband) Debashish Basu, it actually tells the story of a man who knows how to make his feature. Investors have also made money to mold the system, which makes it.

One thing that comes out of this brilliant work by Hansal Mehta (and his co-director son Jai Mehta)? He was the one who got caught!

In fact it has been said so much during this excellent 10 episode series (enough to last for about an hour with each episode) that much of what Harshad Mehta did was what most people did (and Still doing), but then either they were not caught or they (as class) did so with ‘class’ compared to their (cross) style.

As entertaining as it is, it stars Shreya Dhanvantari, Hemant Kher, Nikhil Dwivedi, Chirag Vohra, Kaushal Rania, Rajat Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Anant Mahadevan, Anjali Barot and Shadab Khan. However, the man of the moment is Prateik Gandhi who scores an ideal 10 for his portrayal of Harshad Mehta. He sees her ‘no’; He ‘outs’ her to be, and it is the best appreciation for an actor who delivers the best with his craft rather than impersonating a person.

While Scam 1992 is indeed a watch, another mini-series on Bad Netflix, Bad Boy Billionaires, is well worth it as Deco. Well, it could have been called fantastic, but then this scandal came close to the heels of 1992 and the problem facing the series is comparative. At the same time as its arrival scandal in 1992 and it has become a textbook to present the life and times of a man who was found on the other side of the law. Here, despite glamorous celebrities like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy, it is a bit underrated.

For starters, it spends about three people on each hour. Compare this to the 10 hours done on Hardah Mehta and a simple calculation shows that the content here will be only 10%. Furthermore, while it is presented as a documentary (which is not really a bad thing), it turns out to be more of an appreciation film for all three convicts than almost anything else.

The most disappointing of all is Vijay Mallya. I have no objection if it was a ‘worship’ case; A producer has the right to do so. However, when a web series is sold as a ‘sensational story’, one looks for something that is really hard hitting. Here, the story is ‘Oh, but she’s like a child.’ Again, there is nothing wrong with this. Neither I am a court nor justice, and most certainly I do not know the whole fact. However, as a viewer I was mentally prepared to see something, and what is presented here is something else.

However, things get better with two stories. It is interesting to see Nirav Modi as the biggest businessman who really had the vision to take India’s jewelery lifestyle brand globally. It’s exciting to see how they rose up the ranks, how they did the best they could in the business, how they let their employees be happy, how they were exemplary for the designs that came out of their factory for nothing else, and finally how. A fugitive came out. what really happened? What went wrong? Did he mold the law too much? Well, the case still continues.

However, Sahara India Parivar president is best placed on Subrata Roy, who was apparently over 3 million small investors before he would have done anything. This is the one that is truly the most balanced of them all and becomes a story where you can actually take a call on right vs. wrong. Telling the story of a man who started with the chit fund scheme (he was later projected to be a scam), it turned out to be the highest chance of an affair among all, as it was at the grassroots, on the Dalits for whom saving Means Rs. .10 a day.

On your face, straight forward, without interruption and hard hitting, this is the very episode that makes one wonder why Bad Boy Billionaires could not be consistent like this in each of the three episodes. However, what matters is that new types of stores and narratives are being told week by week.

watch out for

This week, a few more stories are going to sleep. 2 is a very commercial poison [Aftab Shivdasani, Raai Laxmi] On ZEE5, which is based on revenge, Lagushka is a short film [Shweta Tripathi] On Sony LIV which is about bed wetting and comedy duets [Saqib Saleem, Shweta Basu Prasad], A digital-for-digital film for a stand-up comedy duo on ZEE5. Stay tuned and I’ll talk about these, and more!

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(Joginder Tuteja is a trade expert and film critic, and loves to talk and write about anything related to films. Views are personal.)

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