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From Varun Chakraborty to Warrior and Amit Mishra – how corona spread in IPL camp


  • IPL franchisee calls GPS tracking ‘bad’, tracking is happening manually
  • The entire story of Corona’s entry in the IPL came to light, how the virus spread
  • How to reach Corona from Varun Chakraborty to Warrier and then to Amit Mishra

From Varun Chakraborty to Sandeep Warrier and Amit Mishra, the Covid-19virus entered the IPL camp. BCCI’s protocol on social distancing was violated to some extent, the result of which is in front.

The team and the board are now trying to manually check how Corona broke into the IPL bubble after the franchisee reported a fault in GPS tracking.

Chakraborty had to be taken to hospital last week. Although official information says that he was taken to have a shoulder test, but people who know the matter closely say that the bowler had a stomach swelling, after this he returned to Ahmedabad and returned to the team hotel of Sandeep Warrier. Also ate food on 1 May.

After this the two players went to practice with the rest of the team, where Chakraborty complained of a deteriorating health. He was isolated in a room there and the warrior went to practice. There was also a session of Delhi Capitals.

The BCCI believes that this is where the bubble broke. The practice session of Delhi Capitals and KKR took place at the same time. Warrior met leg-spinner Amit Mishra and a conversation between the two also took place. After this they went to their respective hotels.

Mishra came to the team hotel after team practice and complained of not feeling well. After this, they too were put into isolation. And later they were investigated.

The franchisee then started a daily check-up program to find out if more cases were coming to the team. However, the rest of the camp members came to test negatively.

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