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CDA member says choreographer Ganesh Acharya is committing fraud against the dancers

Ganesh Acharya: CDA member said, Ganesh Acharya is cheating with dancers – cine dancer association member says choreographer ganesh acharya is committing fraud against the dancers

CDA member said, Ganesh Acharya is cheating with dancers Know Bollywood Mana choreographer Ganesh Acharya For the past several months, the Cine Dancers Association (CDA) of the film industry has become the eyes of the gritty. The President of CDA – Zahid Sheikh, General Secretary – Ravi Kanwar and Treasurer – Derrick Vishwas. Zahid has already accused Ganesh of charging a hefty amount in the name of dancers from any producer, but only 50% of the amount is paid to the dancers.

Now Zahid’s new complaint about Ganesh is that Ganesh, taking advantage of his goodwill and money, has recently opened a new association with some CDA dancers, which he named All India Film Television and Events Dancers Association (Effeta) is. Zahid says, ‘Its new office has also been opened in the new year. Without any election, Ganesh Acharya has announced the names of the President and other members of Efteda. That Ganesh video is available on social media.

The members who are the main members in AIFTEDA are all members of their team. An affidavit is also being signed by the members of AIFTEDA, mentioning that the dancer is fully agreed that whatever money Ganesh Acharya will give to him in exchange for work, they will be happy without any question – Happily will accept him. ‘

Zahid asks the question, ‘Why did the need for this new association come to an end, Ganesh Acharya himself seems to be giving the answer to this question as well. Ganesh says that he is going to do a show to raise money for Dancers Welfare, in which Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Big stars like Katrina Kaif will perform. The money that will come from this show will help those dancers who are members of their AIFTEDA. ‘

Zahid asks, ‘The question also arises that the money coming from the show will be in crores, who will ask for the account and expenses of that money from Ganesh? While the members of IFTEDA have already become members by giving an affidavit, and in that affidavit it is clearly written that Ganesh Mastrji will keep it whatever he wants, give him whatever he wants. In the CDA seeking accounts, he is already busy dividing and ruling. Ganesh Acharch is also not a member of the CDA, he is in the association of choreographers, but has infiltrated the Dancers Association and broken it. Ganesh wants one of his Chhatra Raj in dance and dancers. He is busy making big money in the name of doing shows for the good of the producers and dancers in the name of dancers.

There is also a mutual dispute in CDA for the last several years, about that dispute, Zahid says, ‘Dancers in the film industry opened an organization called Cine Dancers Association in the sixties. Big names like Saroj Khan, Jayshree T, Ganesh Acharya, Remo D’Souza to Daisy Shah have progressed from this institution and today have reached their big stage in Bollywood. This institution has its own constitution and accordingly it is elected through voting, from President, General Secretary, Treasurer to the rest of the office bearers. ‘

Zahid further states, ‘In the last few years many members tried to elect their people separately, which committee is right if they tried to break the association? Its issue reached the court. Right now this fight is going on in court, yet dancers are being taken from CDA to work in all Bollywood songs. FWICE only accepts CDA, whatever quarrel in CDA is our internal matter. Ganesh Master ji does not know why there is interest in it, the rest of the other dance masters have no problem, why are the other union standing in front of us and kicking the dancers in this fight. Ganesh Master Joe Dancer AIFDETA Membership No, they don’t call that CDA member in their shoots and they are telling all the other coordinators and dance masters to shoot your films Include members of Irf AIFTEDA. ‘

Zahid says, ‘CDA is the first and oldest association of dancers, which was established in the 1960s. Saroj Khan is one of the oldest members of this association. The association decides that the dancers should be taken from the CDA for the songs filmed in Bollywood, there should be no injustice to any dancer, the dancers get at least 4500 rupees fixed by the association, after shooting any film Get the money in a week, the retiring dancers get their rightful rights and the dancers should be provided with all the necessary facilities like a mediclaim.

Zahid asks, ‘How right is it to create a new association. The big question also arises that in this way, if every artist starts making his own association for his selfishness, then thousands of associations will be flooded in Bollywood. People will embezzle money of their own free will and who will be able to trust these institutions. In such a situation, how right is Ganesh Acharya’s step to create a new association like this and what is his intention behind it. ‘

Ganesh, responding to the complaint made by CDA and Zahid, says, ‘I have nothing to do with this AIFTEDA association. When AIFTEDA opened its new office, I was called as the chief guest, so I went there with my mother. This rhetoric that is being made against me is useless. I have no post in AIFTEDA. The show I want to do for the dancers, I want to give the benefit to all the dancers, but the mutual quarrel within the CDA is over.

‘Some people have many misconceptions about me. The truth is that the traditional office of CDA is closed, the new office is not legal. Zahid, Ravi and Derrick are running this new office. The AIFTEDA I have inaugurated is registered with the Association Trade Union, inside it all the old dancers are inrolls. ‘

‘I have not opened a new union, Ravi, Derrick and Zahid have opened a new union, I don’t know who they have made chairman, there are people in the main positions who have never danced, 12-14 hours people who dance We should put those people in positions. You ask Zahid, Ravi and Derrick that for how many years they have not danced, they themselves do not dance, what will they do for the good of the dancers. I question Zahid, Ravi and Derrick about how they opened a new office and whether elections have been held for the posts given to the people there.

‘I am the most busy choreographer today, I have a lot of work, I will not make money by making this association. My father was a dancer, I was a dancer, I love dancers very much. Zahid, Ravi and Derrick are attacking me because my involvement with the dancers is causing their food to stop, their business is being shut down. These people have become habitual of sitting and eating, so they are getting nervous, upset due to my show and my support in AIFTEDA. I do not help those who are eating dancers ‘money, are thieves and do not dance.’

‘Ask the dancers, Zahid, Ravi and Derrick threaten the dancers. Those who are chairman, are frightening, killing, I have proof, which they have killed. Right now I am not in Mumbai, but as soon as I reach Mumbai, I will stand those people in front of the media, whom they have beaten up.’I went to AIFTEDA just for the benefit of choreographers and dancers. I have a film released every week, I have so much work that I do not have time for these things, but here it is a matter of interest of the dancers, so I stand so that no one can take advantage of them. People like Zahid have destroyed an institution like CDA. The same people are joining AIFTEDA, who were in CDA, that office is open in a legal way.Ganesh Acharya has recently released 2 films ‘Good News’ and ‘Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior’. Recently, Ganesh Varun Dhawan’s film Coolie No. 1 has choreographed all the songs.

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