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Good News! PUBG can make a comeback in India soon, but how and when, read full information

New Delhi. PUBG Mobile India has been banned in the country ever since. Since then, there have been several reports that claim to relaunch the game. Many reports also say that this game can never come again in the Indian market.

PUBG may return soon
A recent report has revealed that the game may return again. According to the report, the company first uploaded the teaser video on its official YouTube channel on May 2, 2021 and then removed it a short time later. According to the new banner, it is known that the PUBG Mobile Exclusive Indian version will be identified by the name of ‘Battleground Mobile India’. Now, let’s focus on the new leak and find out about it.

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Game will return with new name
According to recently received information, the official website of PUBG Mobile India now works as a new creative company. It has been revealed that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be named ‘Battleground Mobile India’. The new poster was revealed from an embedded link to a video on WeMo.

Company opens office, recruitments start
From this, it became clear that after much searching, some important changes in the background image are revealed. Source code linked to a new creative asset included in the website was found. The new changes also suggest that the game is about to make a comeback in India under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Let us tell you that the company has also opened an office in Bengaluru, in which it has also started hiring employees.

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Krafton is trying to bring in India
The report also clarifies that the teaser video released a few months ago was uploaded to the official YouTube channel. After uploading, the video was transferred by the company to the private section, after which it was no longer available to the general public. Krafton is trying to bring this mobile video game back to India. Now it can be expected that the game developers can launch this popular Battle Royal game again in the country.

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