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google app usage data: google spying on you for your benefit, data of stolen apps – google is monitoring app usage data on your phone to compete with rival apps

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For how long, which app was used in your phone, Google is aware of it and it is collecting data associated with the app. Google's Inside Program 'Android Lockbox' can give company employees access to the Android client interface of non-Google applications, after which they can also analyze users' app usage data. This has been revealed in the report shared by The Information.

The Inside Program works with Google Mobile Services and in this way the employees of the company can gather 'some' information related to different applications in your phone. Google can find out how many times an app has been opened, or for how long. According to sources, this data is used by Google to monitor apps that compete with its services.

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Demand access

In addition to its Gmail administration, Google can also analyze data associated with the use of Facebook and Instagram. In this way, the company develops its new services and apps while monitoring the usage of other popular apps. Like recently, Shorts have been designed by Google to compete with TikTok. However, Google has to ask for access to this information every time and app developers can also deny access.

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Google has data safe

Giving clarification on the reported report, Google has said that with the help of this program, different engineers can gather competitive data. However, questions are also being raised on this program of Google, because the data of every gadget can be collected with its help, in which Google's apps are pre-installed. However, the company has said that this information is not given to clients and its authority rests only with Google. In such a situation, the data of users is safe with Google, it has been said.

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