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Google brings ‘Project Taara’, talks with Jio and Airtel

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Google is in talks with Airtel and Jio to offer high-speed internet in the country. According to reports, negotiations are going on between the three companies to provide telecom connectivity and high-speed internet using light beams. According to Google’s Project X, this technology is part of Project Taara that uses light to transmit information at super high speeds through the air in the form of an extremely thin and invisible beam. It is similar to fiber but cables are not used.

Through this technology, light beams are sent in place of the radio wave between the transmitters and receivers of the buildings and the servers installed elsewhere. A source in the matter told our partner ET Telecom that customers currently get 1 gigabyte per second speed which can be increased to 20 gigabytes per second with the new technology. The source further added, “It will prove to be a game-changers technology as it can connect people in remote areas and reduce the burden on towers by providing internet connectivity in buildings without cable.”

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According to reports, Project Tara has been launched first in Andhra Pradesh in India and Kenya in Africa. According to Google’s Project X, his team is in talks with telecom companies, Internet service providers, and governments around the world on the possibilities of wireless optimal communication technology. The blog states, “This system is effective in areas where it is difficult to provide connectivity through fiber cable.” These include places around forests, rivers, railway tracks and high-rear estates. ‘

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The blog states that wireless optical communication technology can transmit data at high speeds up to 20Gbps. One signal link can cover another up to 20 kilometers and can be used to extend the fiber network. The project aims to provide high-speed connectivity to low-cost and rapidly remote areas.

Earlier in February this year, Google stopped its ‘Station’ project. Through this, Google provided free Wi-Fi at 415 railway stations in India. The project was called off after about 5 years.

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