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Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Rs 135 crore to help Kovid-19


  • Microsoft and Google CEO Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai step up to help the country
  • Google and their team providing Rs 135 crore to UNICEF and GiveIndia
  • Their help will be very useful for better fight in Emergency.

New Delhi. The second wave of Corona in the country has caused a panic. In such a situation, many hands have come forward to help India. Recently Twitter has announced tools and resources that users can use to search for important resources. Now Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, CEO of technology company Microsoft and Google, have stepped forward to help the country. Both of them belong to India and their help will be very useful for better fight in Emergency.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said today that the company will continue to use its voice, resources and technology to help with relief operations and to purchase essential oxygen concentration devices. On the other hand, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google and his team are providing Rs 135 crore to UNICEF and GiveIndia. This can help in medical supplies and such institutions which are helping the high risk communities and spreading the necessary information. When there have been more than 3.5 lakh cases of coronavirus in the country and more than 288 deaths due to Covid-19have occurred in a day.

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Sundar Pichai shared a blog post detailing the company’s efforts in India to overcome this critical situation. In a blog post signed by the company’s India head and VP Sanjay Gupta, the funding of Rs 135 crore includes 2 grants from Google, worth Rs 20 crore. The first grant is for GiveIndia, in which cash can be made available to families struggling with concussion to support their daily expenses.

A second grant will be awarded to UNICEF. This will help to deliver instant medical supplies, including oxygen and testing equipment, wherever these things are needed in India. The grant also includes donations from employees. The blog post stated that so far more than 900 Google employees have contributed Rs 3.7 crore to help the people of the country going through high risk and difficult times.

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Pichai said in a tweet that ‘It is quite frightening to see the worsening situation of Koranaviruses in India. Google and Google employees are providing Rs 135 crore for medical supplies to GiveIndia and UNICEF, these institutions are helping high risk communities in the country. ‘

At the same time, Microsoft’s CEO Nadella said that Microsoft will work at its level to help India in times of crisis. In a tweet, Microsoft CEO said the company would continue to use its resources and technology to help with relief operations and to purchase the necessary oxygen concentration equipment. Nadella further said that she is also grateful to the government of the United States for her efforts to help India in the Covid-19epidemic.

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Technology and social media have helped a lot in this difficult time. Social media is helping users like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to help Covid-19victims and their families. Such people include those in the hospital, oxygen supply, medicine, contact in the hospital, availability of beds, home care, ambulance and much more. Similarly, Google is also providing information about the Corona virus vaccine in 8 regional languages ​​including English. At the same time, citizens of the country can search Covid-19Testing Center or Vaccine Center through Google Maps.

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