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Google Doodle made people aware of vaccine, gave this message

New Delhi. The whole world is currently reeling from the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. There is chaos everywhere and people are raising their hands to help at their respective levels. Meanwhile, Google has made a doodle on its homepage to encourage people to wear face masks and get themselves vaccinated to protect themselves from this deadly virus. Google’s latest doodle comes at a time when countries in the world have launched campaigns to get their citizens vaccinated on a large scale.

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Last year also made many doodles related to the epidemic.
Last year, when the country was struggling with this epidemic for the first time, at that time Google had made many doodles based on the coronavirus theme. In its new doodle, Google has all (alphabetical) alphabets G, O, O, G, L and E wearing face masks, vaccine doses are shown and bendage on their hands, a sign that the vaccine dose is. Alphabets are usually set aside in Google’s Coronavirus based doodles, taking into account social distancing. At the same time, they are all seen together in vaccine alphabets.

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In this doodle, all the characters are seen jumping with joy.
In this doodle, all the characters are seen jumping with joy. Where the whole world is coming under pressure from this disease, then through them people will have the strength to fight against this epidemic. Through the ‘Get Vaccinated, Wear a Mask, Save Lives’ message, Google is motivating people to get the vaccine and it is being seen as a celebration. The company wrote about Doodle in its blog that ‘right now the coronavirus epidemic is catching people around the world. Follow these steps to find the nearest vaccine site and prevent the virus from spreading. ‘

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The new doodle also serves as a vaccine tracker
Google’s new Doodle also serves as the Coronavious vaccine tracker, showing a map of all countries’ vaccine centers. Google has the only solution for news related to its effects, from safety, side effects and vaccine. It was further stated in the blog that ‘Know more resources to help yourself and your community. Always be aware and connected and we are ready to help in new ways. ‘

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Google’s doodle appears around the world. It also coincides with the introduction of vaccination of the third phase of vaccine in India from 1 May. In India, full immunization has started since April 28 for all people over 18 years of age after registration starts. India’s vaccine process is one of the largest vaccine drives in the world. Last year, Google launched the ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ doodle to commend frontline workers for the great work done during that period.

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