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Google maps street view showing people died years ago

Google maps: users searching for dead people on google maps, getting emotional seeing glimpses – google maps street view showing people died years ago

Google Maps Is commonly used to find information about a place and the route there. But these days many users are using it to find their grandparents and other relatives who have gone out of the world. Actually, years-old images of many places are appearing in the Street View feature of Google Maps. In these pictures, many users are seen lost members of their family. Years later, users are getting emotional after seeing them. A user named Leslie Barraza from Mexico told CNN that she had no idea that she would be able to see her grandfather anyway after so many years. He has also posted a video on Twitter. With this he wrote, ‘My grandfather passed away many years ago. We could not even say goodbye to them. Yesterday I was checking his farm house on Google Maps and as soon as I moved forward, my grandfather appeared there.

Hundreds of people responded

After reading this post, many users started searching for their relatives on Google Street View. Many users also got their grandmothers and others. Hundreds of people have responded to this tweet by Barraja.

Another user wrote, ‘I was missing my grandmother a lot, so I just checked her address on Google Maps. I could not stop my tears upon seeing them. She was sitting and resting in her front yard. ‘

Not only this, Google itself has also responded to this. Google wrote in a tweet, ‘Our tissue box is completely empty. Thanks for sharing this

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