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Google scam spotter: lots of online fraud happening, Google's special tool to save you – google brings scam spotter to help you fight with online frauds and scams

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For many years, such cases have been seen online, in which scammers and fraudsters implicate internet users and empty their account. Now such scammers are also trying to steal identity and personal details besides money. During the Corona transition, as internet usage has increased, such online scams are also becoming more frequent than before. To save you from such scams and fraud, Google's special tool 'Scam Spotter' has come.

Google's website, developed after partnering with cybercrime support network Scam Spotter, tells Internet users about various scams and ways to avoid them. To avoid scams on this site of Google, there are three golden rules, which are – Slow It Down, Spot Check, Stop! Don't send. Google says that after identifying most of the scams with its help, users will be able to avoid them. Many scammers are fraudulently lured by the Corona virus-linked relief and money.

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Will be able to do the test himself

Scam Spotter not only provides information about scams, but users can also check with the help of a test to understand whether they have scams or not. In this test, many types of situations are given to the users and they have to choose whether it will be safe to proceed or not. Finally, it shows the user how much the score has been in identifying and avoiding scams. Let me tell you, in the year 2020, thousands of users have been victimized by scams in various ways like corona virus, government benefits and lotteries.

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Elders become victims

Google has asked the young users to take the scam spotter tool to their elders and also inform them about it. Most of the elderly and such people become easy victims of scams, who do not know much about the Internet. In a blog shared by Google, one of the early experts in Internet development, Wint Surf, said, “For this, two generations will have to come together.” If we learned how to identify scammers, we would easily be able to avoid such frauds. '

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