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Great opportunity to buy iPhone, iPhone 11 became cheaper by more than 13 thousand

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Apple has cut the price of its three great smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XR. The company has taken this decision just after launching the new iPhone 12 series. The company has cut the price of these phones by up to Rs 13,400. The biggest reduction was in the price of the iPhone 11. Explain that this smartphone has features like dual rear camera, 6.1 inch display and wireless charging.

new price of iPhone 11
After being cheaper by Rs 13,400, the price of 64 GB model of iPhone 11 has now become Rs 54,900. The smartphone was launched for Rs 68,300. Similarly, the price of 128GB model of iPhone 11 has been priced at Rs 59,900 and 256GB model has been priced at Rs 69,900. The new price has been updated by the company on its website.

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New price of iPhone SE and XR
The price of the new iPhone SE and XR has been reduced by Rs 2600 and 4600 respectively. The 64GB model of the iPhone SE has been priced at Rs 39,900, the 128GB model has been priced at Rs 44,900 and the 256GB model has been priced at Rs 54,900. Similarly, the price of 64GB model of iPhone XR has gone up to Rs 47,900 and the price of 128GB model is Rs 52,900. It is worth noting that all these three phones can be purchased in Amazon and Flipkart’s cell at a much cheaper price.

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IPhone 11 Great Deal for ₹ 54,900?
Apple has announced that AirPods will be offered free of charge when you purchase the iPhone 11 from Apple’s e-store. Let us know that the price of the lowest priced AirPods is also Rs 14,900. If seen, in this way you are paying only 40 thousand rupees for iPhone 11. In such a situation, if you do not want to take AirPods, then it would be a better deal for you to buy the phone from Amazon or Flipkart cell, where the price of its 64 GB model is less than 50 thousand rupees.

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