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Hackers keep an eye on your data, keep yourself safe in these seven ways

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The Internet has become an important part of our life today, but with this, the danger has also increased on our privacy. There are many such cases in which the data of users are hacked. This is a serious problem. If the data of the users gets caught by the hackers, then they can cause great harm to the users through it. In this, along with the theft of money from bank account, there is also the danger of social media account being hacked. User hacking is predominantly a part of social engineering. A hacker or fraudster uses different tricks to entice the user. Wi-Jungle CEO and Co-Founder Karmesh Gupta has given some special ways to not fall prey to user hacking. Let’s know details.

Do not tell anyone OTP or password
Gupta said that this is a very simple thing. Many times you must have read in the message or email from the bank, but still it is necessary to follow this thing carefully. If you are asked for any type of confidential information (ie bank credit / debit card details, OTP, UPI ID / PIN, login password or any other information) on any call from any bank or any company, So you do not have to tell. The fraudsters target the most people through them.

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Keep password strong
Keep the password strong for any of your online platforms. Use special characters like $ @ #!% &, Number, small and big characters and keep a password of minimum 10 characters. Turn on two factor authentication essentially. Keep passwords separate on all platforms and do not save them in a single file on mobile, laptop or cloud.

Verification is necessary
If any type of email comes to you, then definitely verify its ‘two’ address. If the email is exclusively from a social media website and speaks to reset the password or asks for some more confidential information, be sure to check if the domain of the email address is @ facebook.com or @ twitter.com. If so, report it immediately as spam. After checking the email, download the attachment only after getting it valid. Malware can get into your system by opening the attachment without verifying the email. The hacker can then retrieve store data in the system and misuse them.

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must check url
Before opening any kind of deals, offers, discounts or schemes on social media messaging platforms, check its URL. For example, if an offer is mentioned on Paytm, first of all make sure what the website URL is. Open only if the URL is Paytm.com, otherwise do not open it nor do any shopping.

Use incognito window
While using someone else’s mobile or laptop, do Internet-related work in the Incognito window and logout as soon as you are done. Also, do not forget to close the window. Open the websites related to banking or shopping etc. in your laptop in the Incognito window itself. Do not save the password of any financial or related website in the browser. Similarly, try to make a financial transaction by connecting the internet on any unsecured public network to a minimum.

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Do not give password to anyone on chat
If any member of your family or acquaintance asks for a credit card or debit card or any other confidential information, do not inform them directly on WhatsApp or any messaging app, text message and call etc. Share your information in separate pieces on platforms. For example, do not WhatsApp, debit card number, expiry date, CVV, name etc. or do not share the card by taking a photo. This is because if you or any person with whom you have shared the information gets access to their phone, then that information can be misused. Secondly, the location where the chat backup file is stored, the location or directory or folder is also shared with other apps and they can be read. Thirdly, if these apps get hacked at any point, then you will not get any data from the hackers, which will harm you.

Give applications at least permissions
Last and most important thing, at least give permissions while downloading apps. This is because many apps store permissioned data on your server regularly and if any data of these apps is stolen then your information can be public or hackers can use it for the wrong purpose. . Later, whenever you need to on any app, enable the required permission and that too with the option ‘using the app’.

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