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Happy Birthday: Kepler Wessels is the only batsman to score a Test century for two countries

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There are many players playing test matches for two countries. But the achievement achieved by this batsman could not be done by anyone else. He was the only batsman to score a century and score 1000 runs not only for both teams in Test matches. Kappler Wessels is being talked about. He was born on this day in 1957 in the city of Bloemfontein, South Africa. But at the time South Africa was banned internationally, Wessels started his career for Australia.

Special attachment to England
Vessels played their first Test match for both countries against England. And amazing thing both times he scored a century in the first innings. 163 runs at Brisbane in 1982-83. And then to South Africa in 1994 playing a major role in a major victory at Lord’s. After 1965, South Africa were playing a Test match for the first time in England. Wessels was its captain when South Africa returned to Test cricket in 1991–92.

He was the captain of the team in South Africa’s first World Cup 1992. The South African team reached the semi-finals for the first time. He had four more Test centuries against different countries.

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