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Harbhajan singh electricity bill: Seeing the electricity bill, Harbhajan Singh's sweat too, asked the electricity company – what did the whole neighborhood add to it? – harbhajan singh shocked to see his electricity bill he said it is 7 times higher than normal

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 26 Jul 2020, 12:07:00 PM IST

new Delhi

Team India's senior off-spinner Harbhajan Singh may be an expert in throwing the 'second' himself on the cricket field. But this time, the Mumbai-based electricity company has thrown him 'second'. Yes, Bhajji is surprised to see the electricity bill of his Mumbai house this time. He told on Twitter that it has come 7 times more than normal.

Since the lockdown, there have been a lot of complaints from electricity consumers all over Maharashtra including Mumbai that electricity companies are sending arbitrary bills here. Many celebrities have raised their voice on social media against the electricity distribution companies, in which Harbhajan Singh has also joined.

In his tweet, Harbhajan wrote three surprising emojis and tagged Adani Electricity, Mumbai, writing, 'What is the bill of the whole neighborhood?' After this, Bhajji, while posting a bill message from this electricity company, wrote- '7 times (times) more than the normal bill ??? Wow'

According to this post, Bhajji has a bill of Rs 33,900. Bhajji is telling it 7 times more i.e. his monthly electricity bill comes to about 4500-5000 rupees.

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