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Hard earned money For any fraud related to internet banking or money, call this helpline number, it will be redressed immediately.


  • Government of India released new helpline number
  • Internet banking – online fraud will be prevented
  • Victim will have to complain on 155260

New Delhi. In today’s time, the incidence of online fraud has increased a lot, every day one would hear that cybercrimes broke the hard earned money of people, steal personal data and withdraw money from cards etc.

Technology was included in banking related tasks so that people could be helped and all the work which had to be done around the banks and ATMs could be done at home. The Government of India has issued a new helpline number to complain of fraud related to online finance, including Internet banking.

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Dial 155260Complain on

  • For online fraud related cases, the victim has to complain on dial 155260. Just as the 112 helpline number used to help the cyber fraud people immediately, this type of emergency can also be obtained.
  • The initiative was initiated in November 2010 by the Indian Cybercrime Corneridation Center and the Union Home Ministry for the prevention of online fraud related to finance. Currently, this helpline number is working in Delhi and Rajasthan, but soon it will be started in other cities of the country.

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  • After being a victim of online fraud, the victim has to call the police helpline by the police officer. If it has been more than 24 hours since the fraud occurred, the victim should file a formal complaint on the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal. If the fraud occurred less than 24 hours, the operator will ask for the details of the crime and the victim’s personal information to fill the form.
  • When both events reach information to the respective financial institutions, a ticket is raised. This fraud transaction ticket appears on the dashboard of both the financial institution from which the money has been deducted (debited) and the financial institution to which it has gone (credited).
  • The bank / wallet in which the ticket is given has to check for information about fraudulent transactions. If the money has gone out, then it gives information about the transaction in the portal and goes to another financial institution.
  • If the fund is no longer there, it puts it on a temporary hold. The inflow of funds continues until the fund is put on hold or until it comes out of the digital ecosystem, including ATM withdrawal, physical withdrawal and utility.

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