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Health TIps: Coronavirus infection can be reduced by increasing zinc levels in the body, study revealed

new Delhi: Coronavirus can be detected by more than 125 million people so far. In the last 24 hours, 3.08 lakh new corona cases were registered and 5781 patients lost their lives. Similarly, Dr. Roberto Fernandez of Spain has revealed through his study that the amount of zinc in the body is able to control corona infection to a great extent.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection are similar to the flu, but it is a serious problem. The use of antiviral drugs to treat coronaviruses has been shown to have a greater effect. An earlier study released at an offline European conference said that humans are at greater risk of coronavirus due to poor health conditions and low levels of zinc in the blood. This study on Coronavirus has been done by Dr. Roberto Fernandez of Spain.

Dr. Roberto Fernandez has done his research on hospitalized people from the middle of March to the end of April. He found in his study that most of the men and women of coronable people who had very low levels of zinc in their blood levels died. Dr Roberto Fernandez’s team of researchers focused on samples from 249 patients. Of which 21 died due to lack of zinc in their blood. The level of zinc of the people living there was much higher than those of them.

Before you start stocking up on zinc balls, keep in mind that the study was limited to a small group of patients. According to experts, more research is needed to come to a conclusive result. In research, it has been found that low levels of zinc in blood increases the chances of death in patients.

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